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Electrical Contracting Service


Additions / Changes to Lighting, Convenience Outlets  - We can integrate significant improvements to the electrical services and lighting in your new kitchen or bath.  Being a state licensed electrical contractor means we can handle your electrical needs without the hassles of multiple contractors.  This allows us to incorporate electrical improvements without affecting your installation schedule.

Voice / Data / CATV Wiring - We can integrate the wiring for entertainment systems, phone systems, TV cable systems, computer networks, etc. into your new cabinets and throughout your home.  We can recommend wiring configurations to maximize the flexibility and usefulness of your new cabinets.


Design Services


Kitchen / Bath Design - We offer computer based design layout services for your new construction or remodeling project.  The computer model of your new cabinets can be viewed in virtual reality so layout, wood species, lighting design and finishes can be evaluated before construction begins.  This allows accurate cost estimating with almost no surprises during construction.  We offer this as a free service to our cabinet customers.  Design services are available independently but your most cost effective option is to include it in a cabinet order.

Lighting Design - We offer lighting design and installation services for your new construction or remodeling project.  Design and installation services are available independently from cabinet work.  Custom cabinet orders include lighting design consultation but fixtures and installation is bid separatly.


Custom Cabinets and Furniture


This is our main interest and emphasis.  We believe that the kitchen and baths in a home are the most heavily used parts of the average home and are also focal points your guests see often.  Because of this use, we believe you deserve the best design, materials and construction for the cabinets in these areas of your home. We like to use wood solids and wood veneer over plywood as our preferred construction method.  Fiber board has it's place in office environments and storage units, but is not very suitable where heat and humidity and hard usage (typical of a home kitchen and bath) is likely to be.

Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

We live and entertain in our kitchen and bet you do too.  Good cabinets and careful layout can make the experience a pleasure from start to finish.  Bad layout is frustrating and bad cabinets are just plain sad.  Let us help you with both issues.

Entertainment Centers

Store-bought furniture design is just now recognizing the 27" TV after nearly 20 years.  How long do you think it will be before they address big screens, plasma TV's, surround sound, etc.?  We can custom build an entertainment center that is tailored to your equipment and harmonious with your home's decor.  Our engineering background can ensure the best quality system installation possible without feeling like you are living in mission control!  We also offer custom subwoofer design to integrate with the other furniture in your media room.

Special Purpose Furniture

Here is an area where full custom really makes sense.  If you have a special need, we can build it for you.  Sometimes standard furniture is too big, too small, or just not "perfect".


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