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 Why Choose Custom Cabinets?

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Why choose custom?

Custom means taking an individual design as opposed to taking a stock line of cabinets and individualizing them. Custom does not mean they cost more, and  I'm sure we can find cabinets to mach your budget.  With custom cabinets, you can have as many features as you find necessary to meet your lifestyle.

I personally go and pick out each piece of wood that will be used in your new cabinets. This is where my quality control begins. You get your choice of wood, color, style and you can have input from start to finish.

Kitchens have once again become the focal point of the home. The kitchen is the one place in the home where families gravitate after a long, stressful day at work or school. This is a place for bonding.

The kitchen - the heart of the home - is changing to reflect the family gathering trend. It is becoming commonplace to find islands, multiple sinks, desks, televisions, computers and entertainment centers as part of your kitchen.

I will build your cabinets so you can have the features that make them fit your lifestyle (lazy susans,  pantry systems, recycling centers, drawer organizers, spice racks, etc.). There are catalogs full of new and exciting ideas to make today's kitchen more functional.

Your cabinets will be custom built for your exact needs. I don't use filler strips. I make the cabinet the exact size to fit your kitchen. I also will build cabinets any size you may want. There are industry standards for height and depth of cabinets but you may have a handicap or disability and I can make them more comfortable or accessible.

Experts agree that kitchen remodeling returns nearly 100% of the money you invest. Making the decision to remodel your kitchen means you're making a wise investment in your home.


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