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 Commissioning Custom Furniture

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Thinking about a commissioning a piece of custom furniture? This list of ideas  will help you get started…

Idea #1. Looking at a wide variety of stock furniture will help develop an understanding of your own tastes.

Idea #2. Create a "wish list" for your new furniture and then try to list the items in order of importance.

Idea #3. Describe any special electrical / mechanical requirements.  This is especially important for entertainments centers, media rooms, computer workstations, etc.

Idea #4. Does it have to match, complement, or contrast any existing furniture?

Idea #5. How much can you realistically afford to spend? Setting a budget beforehand will make the process easier for you and could save you money.

Idea #6. Are you working with interior designer or would you like a list of designers in your area?

Idea #7. Define any installation challenges, i.e. stairways, narrow doorways, high or low ceilings.

Idea #8. How will your family change over the next few years? Will the function of the piece need to change?

Idea #9. Do you plan on selling your home in the next couple of years or do you plan on retiring in it?

Idea #10. Is this a "star" focal point in your home or the room or is this a "supporting player" on the home stage?


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